Repudiating Spacetime, Worshiping the Constant Speed of Light
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Pentcho Valev
2018-01-25 09:28:27 UTC
Spacetime is an "immediate consequence" of Einstein's constant-speed-of-light postulate:

"Special relativity is based on the observation that the speed of light is always the same, independently of who measures it, or how fast the source of the light is moving with respect to the observer. Einstein demonstrated that as an immediate consequence, space and time can no longer be independent, but should rather be considered a new joint entity called "spacetime." http://community.bowdoin.edu/news/2015/04/professor-baumgarte-describes-100-years-of-gravity/

Theoretical physicists repudiate the consequence but worship the postulate, knowing (or not knowing) that logic forbids the combination "true postulate, repudiated consequence":

Nima Arkani-Hamed (06:09): "Almost all of us believe that space-time doesn't really exist, space-time is doomed and has to be replaced by some more primitive building blocks."

Nobel Laureate David Gross observed, "Everyone in string theory is convinced...that spacetime is doomed. But we don't know what it's replaced by." https://www.edge.org/response-detail/26563

What scientific idea is ready for retirement? Steve Giddings: "Spacetime. Physics has always been regarded as playing out on an underlying stage of space and time. Special relativity joined these into spacetime... [...] The apparent need to retire classical spacetime as a fundamental concept is profound..." https://www.edge.org/response-detail/25477

"Rethinking Einstein: The end of space-time. [...] Horava, who is at the University of California, Berkeley, wants to rip this fabric apart and set time and space free from one another in order to come up with a unified theory that reconciles the disparate worlds of quantum mechanics and gravity - one the most pressing challenges to modern physics." https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg20727721-200-rethinking-einstein-the-end-of-space-time/

"And by making the clock's tick relative - what happens simultaneously for one observer might seem sequential to another - Einstein's theory of special relativity not only destroyed any notion of absolute time but made time equivalent to a dimension in space: the future is already out there waiting for us; we just can't see it until we get there. This view is a logical and metaphysical dead end, says Smolin." http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2013/jun/10/time-reborn-farewell-reality-review

"Was Einstein wrong? At least in his understanding of time, Smolin argues, the great theorist of relativity was dead wrong. What is worse, by firmly enshrining his error in scientific orthodoxy, Einstein trapped his successors in insoluble dilemmas..." https://www.amazon.com/Time-Reborn-Crisis-Physics-Universe-ebook/dp/B00AEGQPFE

Pentcho Valev
Pentcho Valev
2018-01-26 09:44:58 UTC
Theoretical physicists repudiate spacetime but greatly admire the ripples in spacetime discovered by LIGO conspirators. Spacetime may not exist but ripples in spacetime do, like the Cheshire cat smile:

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Pentcho Valev
Ahmed Ouahi, Architect
2018-01-26 12:31:04 UTC
However the point in fact is a sheet of stretched rubbers along which a
Heavy round object such as an iron ball as weight of iron ball causes
On which it is sitting to stretch as sag slightly as effects that a massive

Such as the sun has on spacetime it stretches and curves and warps it as
Smaller ball could be rolled across the sheet goes along staight line as
By the laws of motion whatsoever as nears massive object as slope of sagging

As rolls downwards ineluctably drawn to a move massive object means gravity
Poduct bending of spacetim as every object has mass creates little
In cosmos as what moves planets and stars is the distortion of space and
Ahmed Ouahi, Architect
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Theoretical physicists repudiate spacetime but greatly admire the ripples in
spacetime discovered by LIGO conspirators. Spacetime may not exist but
ripples in spacetime do, like the Cheshire cat smile:


Pentcho Valev