Dark Matter Quandaries in Einstein's Schizophrenic World
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Pentcho Valev
2017-11-18 11:55:14 UTC
An Einsteinian genius (Lisa Randall) had explained to the gullible world how dark matter killed the dinosaurs but a graduate student now contradicts the genius:

Natalie Wolchover: Deathblow Dealt to Dark Matter Disks https://www.quantamagazine.org/deathblow-dealt-to-dark-matter-disks-20171117/

It seems dark matter is the unfortunate result of theoretical impotence: Cosmologists are unable to calculate the rotational curve for a system ESSENTIALLY different from our solar system, e.g. a spiral galaxy, take the solar-system rotational curve as a paradigm, and fill the gap between theory and observation with dark matter.

Similarly, cosmologists don't know how to model the local interaction between expansion and gravitational attraction (any such model would produce results incompatible with observations) and implicitly obey the following idiotic slogan:

Wherever there is gravitational attraction, forget about expansion!

Sabine Hossenfelder: "The solution of general relativity that describes the expanding universe is a solution on average; it is good only on very large distances. But the solutions that describe galaxies are different - and just don't expand. It's not that galaxies expand unnoticeably, they just don't. The full solution, then, is both stitched together: Expanding space between non-expanding galaxies." https://www.forbes.com/sites/startswithabang/2017/07/28/most-things-dont-actually-expand-in-an-expanding-universe/

Pentcho Valev
Pentcho Valev
2017-11-19 09:36:25 UTC
Einsteinian geniuses:

Lisa Randall, Michio Kaku, Brian Cox, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Brian Greene: "Now, listen carefully. The faster you move, the heavier you get. Light travels at the same speed no matter how you look at it. No matter how I move relative to you light travels at the same speed. No matter who is doing the measurement and no matter what direction you are moving the speed of light is the same. The speed of light is the same no matter what direction or how fast... As you travel faster time slows down. Everything slows down. Everything slows down. Time slows down when you move. Time passes at a different rate. Clocks run slow. It's a monumental shift in how we see the world. It's a beautiful piece of science. It's a beautifully elegant theory. It's a beautiful piece of science. It's a beautiful piece..."

Pentcho Valev
Pentcho Valev
2017-11-20 09:35:07 UTC
"The looming rejection of the WIMP hypothesis is encouraging for the few physicists who claim that dark matter itself is a red herring. "I hope people will become even more open-minded," says McGaugh, who has studied modified versions of gravity that negate the need for dark matter." https://www.nature.com/news/dark-matter-hunt-fails-to-find-the-elusive-particles-1.22970

Not if LIGO fraud remains unexposed:

"Merging Neutron Stars Deliver Deathblow To Dark Matter And Dark Energy Alternatives. [...] In Einstein's theory, the speed of gravity equals the speed of light, exactly, and at all times. But in many alternatives, that assumption gets tweaked. [...] But the fact that gamma rays and gravitational waves from the merging neutron star event GW170817 arrived within 1.7 seconds of one another means that the speed of gravity must equal the speed of light to better than 1 part in 10^15. As a result, a huge slew of alternatives to standard General Relativity with standard dark energy are ruled out. [...] The fact that the speed of light and the speed of gravity are equal to such high precision means that all theories that have this type of modification are highly constrained, and that most such models are largely ruled out. For dark matter, attempts to modify gravity get even worse. [...] Modified gravity isn't dead yet, but many of its greatest hopes have just been dashed. Einstein, however, with his theory in its original, unmodified form, still survives." https://www.forbes.com/sites/startswithabang/2017/10/25/merging-neutron-stars-deliver-deathblow-to-dark-matter-and-dark-energy-alternatives/

LIGO's neutron star result is unrealistic - it can only be a fake. In order for the gravitational waves and the optical signal to arrive simultaneously, two conditions must be satisfied:

1. The gravitational waves travel at the speed of light.

2. The gravitational waves experience a delay equal to the Shapiro delay experienced by light.

According to Arthur Eddington, Einstein's general relativity says nothing about the speed of gravitational waves, let alone their time-delay:

Arthur Eddington: "The statement that in the relativity theory gravitational waves are propagated with the speed of light has, I believe, been based entirely upon the foregoing investigation; but it will be seen that it is only true in a very conventional sense. If coordinates are chosen so as to satisfy a certain condition which has no very clear geometrical importance, the speed is that of light; if the coordinates are slightly different the speed is altogether different from that of light. The result stands or falls by the choice of coordinates and, so far as can be judged, the coordinates here used were purposely introduced in order to obtain the simplification which results from representing the propagation as occurring with the speed of light. The argument thus follows a vicious circle." The Mathematical Theory of Relativity, pp. 130-131 https://www.amazon.com/Mathematical-Theory-Relativity-S-Eddington/dp/0521091659

So what is the a priori probability that the gravitational waves (if they exist) arrive simultaneously with the optical signal? Answer: Zero.

That is, if LIGO's fake involved different times of arrival, that would at least have sounded realistic. The claim that the gravitational waves and the optical signal arrived at exactly the same time, which implies that they not only travel at the same speed but also experience the same time-delay as they pass near massive objects, unequivocally proves that the gravitational wave signals are fake.

Pentcho Valev